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WELL DONE APS Gar Jnr - British Council Awarded International School Award (ISA)2015-18 to Army Public School Garrison Junior ** CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL STUDENTS & STAFF MEMBERS. ** APS Garrison Junior Lahore Cantt won the ‘The School of the Year Award’,‘Principal of the Year Award’ , ‘Junior School of the Year Award’ , ‘Middle School of the Year Award’ and ‘Best Section Head Junior and Middle Wing Awards’

Principal’s Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Army Public School Garrison Junior through this website. APS Garrison Junior established in 1954, is one of the elite feeder units for LGES Senior Schools. We encourage our students to set high goals for themselves and help them to achieve their targets. Plenty of opportunities are provided to the students to show their talents in different fields through an array of activities.

Our school is a place where all the stakeholders; teachers parents and students are given due respect and regard. Through this website you will be introduced to different facets of school life in APS Garrison Junior Lahore Cantt.



APS(Garrison Junior)

(Mrs Noreen Hayat Malik)

APS Garrison Junior Lahore Cantt is an International School Award (ISA) accredited school which has served as a catalyst to arouse the feeling of responsibility and awareness in pupils and teachers as global citizens. It has developed the sense of Learning by Sharing across the global with national and international partner schools. Journey through this platform of ISA has inculcated a new sense of responsibility among teachers, students and a change in the attitude of parents as well. They have started appreciating brining global dimensions in the classrooms.


APS Garrison Junior Lahore Cantt won the ‘The School of the Year Award’


‘Principal of the Year Award’


‘Junior School of the Year Award’


‘Middle School of the Year Award’


‘Best Section Head Junior and Middle Wing Awards’


To impart high quality broad-based education at an affordable fee structure in a congenial environment with special emphasis on character building and personality development.


a. To curb the tendency of rote learning by providing conceptual learning, promoting creativity with the help of effective teaching aids and by focusing on student centered learning. 

b.    To train pupils to use English language confidently, appropriately and accurately through written as well as verbal expression. 

c.    To enhance and motivate the intellectual and creative potential of our young scholars by providing activity based learning with the use of designed programmes, study material, visual aids with fully equipped resource room, audio visual room and trained staff.

d.   To provide foundation for overall human development not only social and economic but also emotional and spiritual, in order to inculcate into students, Islamic, moral, spiritual and social values for the overall betterment of our society.                          

OUR Objectives

·    To create awareness among students about their aptitudes, abilities and inclinations

·     To develop in students the habit of engaging themselves in fruitful / positive pursuits for making the best use of their time

·    To provide the students an understanding of the ideology and cultural values of Pakistan as the basis of education  and to inculcate the sense of respect for them

·    To promote communicative skills of the students enabling them to express themselves fluently with confidence


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